Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of our website Quick Mp3 Converter describes our policies on collecting, using, and disclosing your data. When you are using our Service, you will agree to our privacy policy. We use Your Personal Data to provide you as well as to improve our Service. Before continuing, we will suggest you to read our privacy policy which includes why we use your data, how do we use your information, and the protection of you from information stealers. So that at the end, you can believe on us and agree to our terms of use.

What type of data we collect from our user?

We collect various types of data from our visitors. This includes personal data, usage data, cookies, and the time when you use our service. We have given a brief description on the information we will collect from you.

Use of personal information:

At the point when you are utilizing our administration, we may request that you give some information such as your email, your full name, or other details that are used to contact you when required.

Use of data that you have found on our website:

When you use our service, like pasting links of your videos and any other data that you have shared with us or on our website, we use that data to check and improve user experience.


Cookies are small files that are stored on your device. If you want that your browser didn’t send any cookies, then you can block all cookies on your browser. But remember that in this case, you can not use some part of our service. On the other hand, if you allow all cookies, then you can use our services with a better user experience.

We use cookies when you visit our site. Cookies will help us to know when you visit our website and which type of data you use from our website. Cookies also help us to know your connection as well as your IP address ( internet protocol address). Hence cookies are essential for us to use because they play a great role in providing and improving a better user experience. The another type of cookie we use is flash cookie. Here is some detail of this type of cookie.

Flash cookies:

Some attributes of our website may utilize Flash Cookies to accumulate or keep your information in our data base. This information is based on your activity which you have made on our website. Flash Cookies are not overseen by similar program settings as those utilized for Browser Cookies.

How we protect our user information?

To provide our users with a better experience, we use third part cookies. But don’t be afraid. We didn’t provide your personal information like email address, phone numbers, your name, or any other detail to others. Our website has high security, so anyone can’t steal your personal information.

How we use your data?

Our main motive is to provide a better user experience. We value our user privacy, so we didn’t share your personal information outside. Hence quick mp3 converter uses your data for these things:

  • We want to maintain our service
  • We want that when any change occurs in our site, then we can notify you so that you can use our website next time according to the changes that we have made.
  • We want to provides you with customer care and support.
  • We want to contact you if required, related to our website changes.
  • We want to provide you valuable information about your interest based on your history.
  • We may utilize Your data for different purposes, for example, data examination, recognizing utilization patterns, deciding the adequacy of our promotional movement and to assess and improve our Service, items, administrations, promoting and your experience.

Disclosure of your personal data:

Quick mp3 converter will disclose your exclusive information when required, like complying with a legal obligation, in the protection of the rights of our website, in the protection of personal data of our user, and in protection against legal liability. This consists of sharing data with the government as well as police to protect our rights as well as our user's personal data.

Security Of Your Personal Information:

Securing Your confidential information is imperative to us. However, keep in mind that there is no way of transferring data on the internet, which is 100% secure. While we try our best to keep your personal information secure. But we can't ensure its total security.

Links to other site:

When you are using our service, you may see some links to other sites. By clicking on these links, you may be directed to that particular website. Remember that these third party links are not operated by us. So, we will advise you, before using the services of any website you visit, please read the privacy policy of that site.

Children less then 18 year old privacy:

We do not use the personal information of any child less than 18 years old. If you are a parent of those children and came to know that your children have given us his/her some personal information, please contact us. We will remove all the information that your children have shared with us from our database.

Changes to this privacy policy:

To provide a better user experience, we change our privacy policy from time to time. We will send you a notification of the change of our privacy policy by posting here or by sending you an email. When we change our privacy policy, we will write “last updated” on the top of this page. We will advise you to visit our privacy policy after some time to know about the change. These changes will be effective when an updated version of our privacy policy is posted on this page.